Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Everything Is Connected to Everything

I once got stoked up on way too much coffee and explained to someone, with a sharpie and four place mats from the coffee shop, that everyone in rock was only three degrees or less separated from John Mayall.  Now I realize I could have just shown him this picture. From left to right: Eric Burdon (The Animals), John Mayall (Bluesbreakers), Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood (Traffic), and Carl Wayne (The Move).


Karen Carroll said...

Look at the cover of Frank Zappa's 'Only in it for the Money' album. He collaborated with a LOT of now rock celebs. And they mentored under him to develop their 'sound'. Prime example: The Turtles.

CHristine McMorris said...

are you sure it was coffee?