Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Right Wingers Prove They Don’t Know Dick’s

The news of the morning is that the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced that his company is not going to be selling assault-style weapons anymore.

Folks on the left cheered, and folks on the right went ballistic.

What neither of them seemed to know is that the 600 Dick’s Sporting Goods locations across the nation have not sold assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines since a previous mass shooting in 2012. WalMart stopped selling assault-style weapons in 2015, citing low demand.

So what does the Dick’s Sporting Goods change apply to? Their 35 Field & Stream stores.

Dicks and Field & Stream cater to hunters, not ballistic shooters or clay shooters. If you have actually been to a Dick’s or a Field & Stream, the guns and ammo are behind the fishing gear, the archery deer dummies, the duck and turkey calls, the camouflage jackets, and the boxes of shotgun shells.

Dick’s has never sold bump stocks, and it makes perfect sense (and they are certainly in their rights) to raise the age of sale for any and all guns to 21.

CEO Edward Stack, who is a gun owner himself, says he and the company are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment but that “based on what’s happening with these guns, we don’t want to be part of this story and we’ve eliminated these guns permanently.”

Which makes perfect sense if you are catering to hunters. No one who can actually shoot hunts with an AR-15.

And, for the record, what company WANTS to be part of an AR-15 story?

Epilogue:  Field & Stream magazine wants the world to know they are not affiliated with the stores and neither is affiliated with the First Church of Field & Stream.

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