Monday, February 26, 2018

Made to Swim a Thousand Miles

The good news is that the Orca shows in San Diego ended in 2017, while the San Antonio and Orlando SeaWorld parks will end their shows by 2019.

The bad news is that the same graphic could be made for elephants, lions and almost every other animal at a zoo or theme park.

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Viatecio said...

I'm a mused and a little saddened that a GIF clip of a resource-hungry child "manhandling" a tame dove elicits more emotion than looking at the still image that should speak volumes and whose motion/animation is implied.

I'm curious how the the new habitats that the San Diego park is allegedly building for their whale equivalents of equine "pasture ornaments" ( will compare to this picture once they are finished and the total visual areas are able to be compared. It's said to be "twice as big" as the current arrangement--which will still be peanuts for the whales.