Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Dog Snatched by An Eagle and Survives

Zoey, a 7-year old, 8-pound Bichon Frise, was picked up by a Bald Eagle and later found on a road 4 miles away near Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania.  Talk about flying the unfriendly skies!


LRM said...

Zoey was a very lucky dog. Maybe it's a good thing he isn't a rabbit. His landing site is just up the road from my father's house. It's an extremely beautiful--and active--area.

How would you like to find this guy in your bird feeder? http://lancasteronline.com/sports/outdoors/largest-bear-ever-captured-in-lancaster-county-killed-on-interstate/article_3930ca46-d134-11e7-85a1-3bf3ddc51608.html


PBurns said...

That's a BIG bear.

LRM said...

Yes, wasn't he impressive? What an unbefitting end.

Interesting remark in the Comments section.