Friday, December 15, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Can Dogs Get Tetanus and Lock-jaw?
Yes, but it's very rare. Here's a case that worked out. This very nice looking pup was bred by Teddy Moritz and is owned by a lucky NJ hawker.

The Weight of God Fell on Houston
The rain that fell on Houston and the Texas coastline during Hurricane Harvey weighed 127 billion tons.

White People and Potatoes
Over at Quartz there is a terrific article whose thesis is that The Global Dominance of White People is Thanks to the Potato.

A Zoo of Mutant Mosquitoes
From StatNews: "Just three years ago, the idea of disabling or destroying entire populations of disease-causing mosquitoes using gene drives seemed a distant theoretical possibility. But advances in gene-editing have shoved the field into overdrive. And that vision is now very much in reach."

Not The New Yorker
What happens to cartoons that are rejected by The New Yorker?  They could end up here.

Don’t Take Odin Out of Yule
Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh evolved from Norse myth.

Is North Korean Floating on Forgery?
A flood of near-perfect $100 bill in Seoul leads experts to think North Korea may be turning to forgery of American currency to prop itself up economically even as it hurts the U.S.

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