Monday, November 13, 2017

Winter Wear for Bald Men

Bill Heavey writes for 
Field and Stream, and he notes that bald men need at least four types of winter hats:

  • The House Hat. Bill's is an olive green SmartWool beanie; mine is a Moroccan taqiyah or round skullcap, one of several I acquired in Morocco.
  • The Man-About-Town Hat. Bills is from from Kohl’s and is a Chinese-made something-or-other from Tek Gear. Mine is "Men's Classic Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Newsboy Ivy Hat" bought on Amazon for under $12.
  • The Carhartt 40-Gram Thinsulate-Lined Hat. Bill's uses this type of hat. Mine is one of any number of very heavy knit caps that are long enough to cover my ears. I sometimes pair it with a fleece neck gaitor that comes up to leave very little uncovered.
  • The Arctic Spaceman Balaclava. Bill and I both like lightweight balaclavas under another hat to keep wind from blowing up or down the collar on really cold days.  I use these about 10 days a year, tops.

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