Friday, November 03, 2017

Three Generations

From the movie The Missouri Breaks (1976):

Hellsgate rancher: They call this country Hell's Gate. When my dad came in here, it was nothing but a bunch of savage Indians. And Jesuits. Old Thomas Jefferson said that he was a warrior so his son could be a farmer, so *his* son could be a poet. And I raise cattle so my son can be a merchant, so his son can move to Newport, Rhode Island and buy a sailboat, and never see one of these bastard-ass sons of bitching mountains again.

Si: Who was Thomas Jefferson?

Hellsgate rancher: A guy back east.

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Peter Apps said...

A lot of truth there - we can get as many first world volunteers to do wildlife research as we want, but we struggle to recruit locals because they studied at school and university so that they could move out of the African bush and into the city.