Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The Rise of the Robot Dog

I have written a bit about the impending rise of robotic dog trainers, but the robot dog is also making a comeback. In 1998 Sony introduced the Aibo robotic puppy. It cost over $1,500 back then, and it was marketed as an "entertainment robot." Sony discontinued the Aibo in 2006, but a bootleg market has continued and now, 11 years later, Aibo is back with a $1,700 sticker price, cell phone apps to control the robot dog, (now called My Aibo) an internal camera on the dog, and downloadable “tricks” that can be purchased from an app store. The new Aibo also requires a subscription which costs about $26 a month for a minimum of three years. This gives you Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, cloud backup, and access to the app’s features. The new Aibo is available to pre-order in Japan and will be available on January 11th, 2018 in Japan.

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