Friday, October 20, 2017

Fish On Friday

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TEC said...

Those healthy looking bears know Darwin's principles right down to their DNA.

Impact of human fishing upon salmon evolution has a good body of research.

One short summary --

A Google search for "salmon fishing and evolution" will pull-up numerous articles.

Dams on the Columbia River, particularly Grand Coulee and Chief Joseph, have virtually eliminated salmon runs on northern section of river. Some salmon once made 1200 mile journey from Pacific to river's source, Columbia Lake, deep in British Columbia. Terrierman recently posted excellent review of salmon fishing video portraying 60 lb. June hogs, that are no more.

IMO unnatural selection -- dams without fish ladders or other means of passage and inappropriate human fishing producing weak (and nonexistent) salmon runs of small fish -- is a tragedy of immense proportions. -- TEC