Saturday, September 30, 2017

Show Vs Working Lines: Dachshund

A show-line longhaired miniature dachshund, versus two working longhaired dachshunds owned by falconer and dirt-dog digger Teddy Moritz.  Note the difference not only in leg length and coat length and thickness, but also in the feet.  Another of Teddy's dachshunds is pictured, below.


Edze said...

Nice comparisons. You should do one with bordercollies.
My working bordercollies aren't even recognized by most laymen as bordercollies, they are short haired, have pricked ears, and are a lot "leggier" than your average barbie collie.

tuffy said...

love these show vs working dog lines posts-

Tom Slater said...

Really enjoying these show vs work comparisons, and your blog in general.