Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Terrier History in the Shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge

The wife and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side to Manhatten.

Then we tucked around to the left and went down to Water Street to 273 which was the location of the last rat pit and dog fighting establishment in New York City, owned by Christopher "Kit" Burns. It's just a few blocks from the South Street Sea Port, where we tucked in for breakfast before heading to Central Park and Soho via the subway.

273 Water Street is the third oldest building in New York City, and was originally built in 1773 as the residence of Captain Joseph Rose. At various times it has been used as a commercial space, cobbler shop, apothecary, bar, boarding house, and dance hall, as well as a boarding house. Today, it's a small condominium.


dp said...

Looks great!

Enid Coleslaw said...

Ha. I scrolled down past the photo of 273 Water Street before actually reading the accompanying post and recognized the facade immediately. Though just another old building near the waterfront to the vast majority of New Yorkers, to those of us who own Rat Terriers, it's a landmark. Figures that you'd seek it out while visiting.