Saturday, July 22, 2017

Red Fox, the Cat-Like Canid

The Red Fox has been called the cat-like canid for a reason. Like a cat, it mostly lives on mice, has a very light bird-like skeletal frame, and is a solo-hunter never seen in a pack. It is also, not-coincidentally, about the same size as a large house cat.

These pictures were taken in my front yard using a game camera set up right in front of the greenhouse.

Flashing lights and barking dogs do not bother suburban wildlife. They have learned that it's MOVEMENT that matters.

As big as that deer looks, as compared to the fox and the cat, is will stand not much more than 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

I always urge folks who want to truly understand deer to track them in the snow.  Pick one set of tracks and follow that set through meet up and yarding, from bedding areas to feeding areas, and you will see how small depressions in the land are used to shield the deer from eye sight, and how and low a deer has to get to move through tangles of brush and handing vines.  Follow deer tight, and you are liable to end up crawling on your hands and knees!

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