Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Motivate the Horse

Leave a copy of this on top of a bale of hay in the barn.

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Viatecio said...

I've always found it ironic when threats are used to motivate an animal that otherwise doesn't care.

Yes, I COULD just "show the dog his Gentle Leader and he'll behave because he doesn't want it put on." After all, if I just leave it out in the house, he'll behave because he knows it's there and doesn't want it put on, and if I have to put it on, he INSTANTLY behaves. No more jumping on the guests! How convenient is that--who needs training when I can just put on a headcollar?

OR I could just TRAIN THE DOG so I don't have to resort to threats, but then I am accused of SUPPRESSING behavior through aversion (never mind rewards earned for appropriate responses!) and That's Just Cruel. Never mind that the dog wearing the headcollar is SUPPRESSING his own behavior without knowing the reason why his muzzle is now constantly clamped, and when it is free, he returns to being an out-of-control dunce.