Monday, July 24, 2017

Father of 61 Dies

From The State House File comes this story about the unnatural death of a father of 61:

INDIANAPOLIS – A peregrine falcon that researchers and downtown Indianapolis workers have been watching for years was found dead Friday outside the 29th floor of Market Tower.

Kinney, a 19-year-old peregrine falcon, was found dead Friday in downtown Indianapolis. In this photo, he flies from his nest box 31 floors above Indianapolis’ Monument Circle. Kinney’s mate, Kathy Q, flies along the horizon. Photo courtesy of IDNR/Outdoor Indiana magazine.
Kinney – which Department of Natural Resources officials called “Indianapolis’s favorite peregrine falcon” – was 19 years old.

DNR nongame bird biologist John Castrale said Kinney appeared to have suffered injuries consistent with colliding into the building. He was identified by his leg band....

Kinney was hatched in captivity and released in Lexington, Ky., by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources in 1993. One year later he showed up in Indianapolis, where he went on to father 61 young with two females beginning in 1995.

Kinney in life, and in action.

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