Monday, July 10, 2017

Delusional RSPCA Wants Police Powers

The RSPCA is a charity under investigation
for possible fraud, it has no CEO, has a completely dysfunctional governance, and it flushes the equivalent of over 300 million dollars a year (140 million pounds) down the toilet to direct mail vendors and "charity muggers," while doing almost nothing for dogs and cats.

In short, the RSPCA cannot run its own life, but it thinks is should be given police powers to come on private property and run yours, and without a warrant.

Here's a hint: police cannot come on your property without a warrant, and they are... you know.... REAL police.

The Daily Telegraph notes that:

The organisation wants the new powers despite a cross-party group of MPs publishing a report last November in which the RSPCA was accused of “targeting vulnerable, ill and elderly” people and removing their pets.

The paper goes on to note that RSPCA chairwoman, Daphne Harris, told the RSPCA's annual meeting last month that she wanted to "get statutory powers for our inspectors to help them rescue animals."

Not said, but quite relevant:  Ms Harris has put her daughter on salary and housed her for free in a £1 million house two doors down from her own which is supposedly a "cattery" housing just 12 cats.

The RSPCA's defense? The cattery is actually taking care of 45 cats, not just 12.


Carry on then.  

Clearly no conflicts of interests, self-dealing, or waste of valuable donor dollars!

For its part, DEFRA does not seem too impressed with the RSPCA request.  A DEFRA spokesperson said: '

The UK has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. We meet regularly with the RSPCA to discuss the charity's work. There are no plans to change its role.'

There should be a plan to change its role:  The RSPCA needs to be bulldozed into the ground.  Start over with a clean slate and a mandate that 95 percent of all funds donated to the national organization be given to the local affiliates, with annual audits to confirm that fact. 

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Queenie said...

I'd like to know how the rspca ever succeeded in raiding smaller rescues without being accused of having a vested interest, (the fewer rescues, the more monopoly and money for the rspca). And why do the public have NO ombudsman or anyone to check the rspca lawyers ?