Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Lesson of Horses and Whales

The rise of canned dog food was driven by a surplus of horses.

The future is not written in coal dust or oil slicks, but in solar energy and tidal pull.

The change will be disruptive, with winners and losers.

We have been through this before.

Our nation once ran on horses and whale oil.

We turned the horses into dog food, and we saved the whales.

In the era of oil we have subsidized dependency with billions and blood.

We have ripped, raped, and robbed people and the land.

It has not been sustainable, and now we are moving to embrace a new path, same as we did when we switched from oats to gasoline, and from whale oil lamps to electricity.

It was hard on the horses, but it was pretty good for the whales.

In the next economy will you be Horse or Whale?

Whale breaching off Manhattan

1 comment:

tuffy said...

weeell... considering what Trump just did regarding whales, they seem destined for a similar fate as horses. hopefully the next prez can change that in time..