Friday, June 02, 2017

Covfefe and Provocation

They're Going to Grow Coffee in California?
Does this roast taste like pot and communism? Does it smell like hippies?

My Patron Saint
There is a patron saint for murderer. What?  You thought all that digging in the woods was about dogs?

My Health Insurance Only Pays for Placebos
Placebos work even when the patients are told they are placebos with no active ingredients. Your results may vary.

Melanin and the Ancient Egyptians
Today's Egyptians are a rich mixture of cultures featuring mostly Arab-looking folks.  Apparently this was true back when the pyramids were being made as well. In fact, there is probably more ethnic diversity in Egypt today than there was 4,000 years ago, as more migrants have moved north from lower Egypt and Sudan -- a very rare migration in the era before roads and engines

On Donald Trump's Nighstand
A synopsis of what's on the rack at the super market: "If the ads in the ‘National Enquirer’ are any indication, its readers are overweight Elvis and KISS fans with hairy legs, have drug addicted kids, can’t get into their bathtubs unaided, are afraid of falling over and not getting up, and collect statues of the Virgin Mary, Donald Trump and the Wicked Witch of the West. Judging by the number of weight loss ads, I’m guessing they’ll swallow anything - even what passes for news in this week’s fact-challenged tabloids."

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