Thursday, June 29, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Thor's Hammer for a Veteran's Grave?
The Hammer of Thor is an approved religious symbol for veteran gravestones in the U.S., and two soldiers have such headstones.

Rachel Maddow Is Hook and Bullet
Yes, she owns guns and she loves to fish.  That's how liberal democrats roll now -- we can defend our rights and survive the Trump apocalypse to come.

How Much to Kill You?
A video showing relative size of a toxic dose.

Billions of Pounds of Wasted Fish
Fishing fleets throw away about 10 percent of what they catch, or about 20 billion pounds of fish a year.

Premeditated Mass Murder
Let's call it what it is. It's premeditated mass murder when you knock 22 million of America's oldest, sickest, and poorest off of health care. Senators and Congressmen who vote for this are voting for premeditated mass murder. These are the real terrorists we face today.  Want to know how many people in your state will lose coverage? Click here for that; in Virginia it's over 560,000. Want to know what your premium increases will be? In Portland, Maine, a 60-year old with middle income will pay $9,290 more (a 208% increase), and health care premiums will be 31% of income.

Prayers for a Giant Asteroid Answered!
If we get a good rocking motion going it could hit us in 2029.

A New Parrot Species?
Scientists say the Blue-winged Amazon parrot evolved from the White-fronted parrot about 120,000 years ago.

18 Eggs for 88 Cents?

That was last week's good news. This is this week's bad news.

Lab-grown Meat by 2018?
A company says it will begin delivering lab-grown meat next year.  If that happens, I expect someone will raise the question of why they are feeding cows inside a lab. The company making the claim, Hampton Creek has previously battled allegations of flim-flammery and hype.

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