Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

The Spineless Creature Unique to D.C. Political Swamps
It turns out that Washington, D.C.'s Rock Creek Park has an endemic and endangered form of spineless wildlife that is neither politician nor lobbyist. Called the "The Hay's Spring amphipod" it is described as: "Spineless and lacking vision, the creature is an opportunistic feeder, consuming whatever resources are available including the remains of its own kind." It lives under the mud in the five creeks that run through the park.

Free Muskrat Cookbook
During World War II, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service produced a cookbook with recipes for Wine-fried Muskrat, Muskrat a la Terrapin, Maryland Shredded Muskrat, Muskrat Salad, Muskrat Pie, Pickled Muskrat, and Stewed Muskrat Liver.

Cats Domesticated Themselves
Cats seem to have domesticated themselves, attaching themselves like parasites to human settlements, and spreading across the globe beginning about 8,000 years ago (video). Wild and domestic cats show no major differences in their genetic makeup.

A Polynesian Canoe Around the World
The Hukulea, a Polynesian double canoe, has circumnavigated the world without modern navigation.

Owsley Stanley’s Lost ‘Sonic Journals’
Starfighter Stanley, Owsley Stanley’s son, has catalogued, and released, his father's "Sonic Journals’ and lost recordings of Doc and Merle Watson, Johnny Cash at the Carousel Ballroom, and Quicksilver Messenger Service at San Quentin, among others. The reel-to-reel recordings have been in storage for 50 years or more, and are available now at the www.owsleystanleyfoundation.org web site.

To Valhalla With a Dog
Archaeologists in N. Iceland have discovered as Viking chief buried in his ship with his sword and dog.

Eat Eggs to Increase Height in Children?
Eggs can significantly increase growth in young children.

The Oldest Soup?
The oldest soup was made of hippo, sparrow, and lentils.

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