Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walking on Water is Easy

Walking on water is easy.

In January, almost anyone in Minnesota can show you how it's done.

It's a little harder in Zimbabwe, according to the Zimbabwe Today.

It seems Pastor Jonathan Mthethwa, a Zimbabwean Pastor who tried to teach his congregation about faith by walking on water like Biblical Jesus, got eaten by 3 crocodiles.

Deacon Nkosi a church member who witnessed the sad incident said, “The pastor taught us about faith on Sunday last week. He promised he would demonstrate his faith to us today, but he unfortunately ended up drowning and getting eaten by 3 large crocodiles in front of us. We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week.”

Back in April a big game hunter was killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe according to the BBC:

Mr Louwrens told the BBC that Mr Van Zyl had gone on a hunting trip on the Zimbabwe-South Africa border with a local tracker and a pack of dogs.

He said the pair left their vehicle and went in different directions in search of crocodiles.

A search and rescue operation was launched after Mr Van Zyl's dogs returned to their camp without him.

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