Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Old School Locator Collars

I don't think too many people are still digging with these old school Deben locator collars, but I am. The trick with the old school "knocker" collars is to understand that they were made defective, with a wire nearly exposed on the outer casing. These collars were, literally, designed to short out after a year or two. By taking brand new collars and covering them with JB Weld Epoxy to bury that wire, and by putting a rubber compression gasket on the cap, and by taping the collars well, I have managed to get a thousand digs out of these collars. I have slide tags on all the collars in  case a dog gets lost and found (that's not happened yet), and the small red collars are more collars with slide tags that I make all visiting dogs wear (an entirely different kind of locator collar).

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