Thursday, May 25, 2017

Terrierman Terrarium... With Underground Pets

After watching the development of this Hercules Beetle from larvae to adult on YouTube (a very cool video, check it out), and after catching a few Eastern Hercules Beetles that have flown into my own house over the years, I decided to order off for two Eastern Hercules Beetle larvae (Dynastes tityus) to raise up in a home terrarium. 

The larvae were very easy to order from Bugs In Cyberspace, and since I already had an empty and BIG glass terrarium, and an open bag of rotting hardwood wood mulch, the cost and effort was low.  

The larvae are now safely housed in a deep bed of well-watered mulch, and there is not much to do now but make sure they don't dry out (the terrarium has a glass lid), and wait a year or so.  I will plant something small on top of the larva, with maybe a little sign saying "future site of Hercules Plantation".

I do not know the sex ratio of Hercules Beetles, but  assuming it's even, the two larvae I have now should give me a 75% chance of getting at least one male.

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Larry Cooper said...

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