Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fox Attacks Fawn

Watch the whole thing. Terrible violence from a top-end predator.  Or not.

And if you want more gore, watch what happens when a fox attacks a cat.

Finally, we have fox predating on sheep. You can tell the animals are terrified. More mayhem can be seen here.  Steel yourself; it's not pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Good one! But his reminds me of a horror story last year where a man claiming to be stalked by a fox made the news. Apparently he yelled and jumped and ran and tried throwing stones to no avail. The fox was determined to follow him into the house. And he claimed the fox would wait and hide somewhere on a walkway to scare and harass him repeatedly. Oddly enough, I can not find the footage now. But there was a interview on line somewhere... so you see, fox may not hunt cats, fawns or lambs but they do threaten innocent middle aged men!
But this post is very good for comparison of size. I must bookmark it...