Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

That's Captain Fluffy to You Son
Military working dogs are ranked a level higher than their handlers. This tradition was started to prevent handlers abusing dogs.

Which Airlines Kill The Most Pets?
The mainstream media said United killed the most dogs, but they left out the fact that they fly far more animals.  If you look at the rate of death, the worst airline for dogs is Hawaiian Airlines, which kills animals at a far higher rate than any other airline.

How to Survive the Danger of  Cows
A surprising number of people are killed by bovines every year.

With Friends Like These
After bringing cholera to Haiti, the United Nations can’t raise money to fight it.

The Race Between Storage and Need
Batteries are getting better, but their improvement is being lapped by the rapid rise in electrical power needs.  As Scientific American notes: "If you could put a modern iPhone battery into a 1995 phone, it'd probably go a year on a single charge."

Almost Human
Female dragonflies ditch suitors by faking sudden death.

Jack and the Corn Stalk
Want to grow a 45 foot tall corn stalk? Here's how.

DNA and the Doomed Franklin Expedition
The poor bastards who died in the Franklin Exedition of 1845 were looking for the Northwest Passage that global warming (surprise) has now made possible. Now DNA is helping show the identity of each individual's bones.

Sell Everything and Invest in This
Robot sex brothels. Robots get lonely and have needs, which makes this a guaranteed business plan.

Bicycle Tires That Never Need Air
This looks like it might finally be coming.

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Rick said...

There are already airless, flat free tires. They've been around almost as long as there have been tires. For a short review and discussion: