Saturday, May 13, 2017

What Noah Knows

A man who had survived the Johnstown Flood died and went to Heaven.

St. Peter met him at the gate, and said he'd be introduced to all the other Angels that evening, and it was customary for each new Angel to tell a short story about his or her most memorable experience on earth.

"Well," said the man, pulling himself up to his full height and puffing out his chest. “I'd like to tell everyone of how how I survived the great Johnstown Flood."

"Excellent," said St. Peter. 

"Be advised, however, that Noah might be in the audience.”

I was reminded of this story as I read one dog trainer slagging another this evening.

The expert doing the slagging said she had never heard of the person she was slagging until recently.

Who the hell was he, and what were his credentials? She was researching those she said, subtly suggesting he might be a con.

Right. Got it.

Ma'am, let me introduce you to the fellow who first brought clicker training to the world of dogs

No, he ain't Noah, but he might "KNOW-A" few things.

And with that small joke, I offer this link to an old post about Cutting Sign In the World of Dogs

As always, caveat emptor, and keep your ears open. There's always a lot to learn. Some of it might even be about dogs.

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