Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Bentley for Falconry

Bentley introduced a falconry-themed Bentayga model car earlier this month. From the Bentley website comes this description:

“The Bentayga Falconry is just one expression of our capabilities, showcasing how our skilled craftspeople can devise and execute elegant bespoke solutions to compliment any lifestyle or hobby — from falconry and fly fishing to anything that you are passionate about.”

The Bentayga Falconry comes with two removable perches for your bird of prey; one in the trunk, and another between the front seats.

Terrierman believes Bentley need a Benayga Terrier Work, and I am even willing to write hysterically funny copy for it, as I have old-school Bentley experience.

The picture, below, is myself as a child, with family, in Morocco with our 1937 Bentley 4 1/4 Litre H-J. Mulliner Pillarless Saloon, Chassis Number B163JY.  And yes, that's a terrier.


TEC said...

The above vintage image must be the rare, sought-after movie poster for the unreleased sequel to "Casablana", with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. What an opportunity for your family to stand-in for Bogart's and Ingrid's characters and his movie sequel children, in which Bergman was scripted to return to Morocco after the war for her first love, Bogart.

You are humble not to mention the connection.

Only few know that, per sequel, Bergman's movie husband, Laszio, had been recaptured by Germans in Lisbon, and unclear his fate. With the ultimate success of operation Torch in North Africa, begun only two weeks prior to release of original "Casablanca", movie executives thought it unwise for war effort to release completed sequel, which portrayed evil (recapture of Laszio by Germans) triumphing over solid, long-lasting marital relationships (All GIs had fear of 'Dear John' letters).

Hey, all kidding aside, that photo is priceless...a fond family memory. Trombone and terrier, not to mention incredible Bentley, are perfect touches. Somebody should make that sequel. -- TEC

dp said...