Thursday, May 11, 2017

Over a Million Dollars for Dog Shot by Cop

A Maryland jury has awarded $1.26 million to a Glen Burnie family whose Chesapeake Bay retriever, Vern, was shot and killed by an Anne Arundel County police officer in 2014.

The jury decided that the dog had not attacked the officer who was canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses to a burglary. Officer Rodney Price was a one-year veteran of the force.

During the trial, the officer admitted that the dog did not bite or otherwise injure him before the shooting. The officer also said no other steps were taken to deal with the dog before the officer pulled his gun and fired it twice.

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jeffrey thurston said...

Again an instance where the blue-clad hide of a police officer becomes The Most Precious Thing in the World! The cowardice of police today should be complemented with new equipment: Gun? Check! Badge? Check! Depends adult undergarment? Check!