Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Anxiety Service Dog at Home

From an earlier post about the "Emotional Support Animal" Scam:
With very rare exception, the ADA limits the definition of service animals to dogs. These dogs are mostly used by the blind, but can include dogs used to assist the deaf, wheelchair-users, and other people with mobility impairments, and people who have very serious psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disabilities.

"Emotional support animals" are NOT recognized by the Americans With Disabilities Act and do NOT have to be allowed into restaurants, movie theaters, stores, or barber shops. DOT and FAA rules do not apply in these venues AT ALL.

Sorry, but the fact that you have social phobias, and/or are a rude narcissist and a thieving liar does NOT make you a protected class. It makes you an asshole.


Karen Carroll said...

And in Florida as of 2015. It is illegal to fake service dogs. Finally some states are seeing the problem with fakers.

Susan said...


TEC said...

Guy in Spokane, just today, Judge found him not guilty of disorderly conduct after refusing to remove his emotional support service dog to his car while waiting for prescription at Veterans Administration Hospital. Hospital security staff strong-armed him and dog, bloodying veteran and his dog.

See news article:

The public is currently saying in lobbies, airlines and everywhere that, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore", and people are listening. -- TEC