Monday, April 24, 2017

A Good Manual on E Collar Training

Larry Krohn
has written a short (75-page) manual on low-stimulation e-collar training.

This is the manual that should come with every modern e-collar. This is solid basic stuff about how to integrate an e-collar into dog training in order to get a solid recall, a solid down-stay, and a tight heel. Larry deals with using e-collars with reactive dogs, phobic dogs, and aggressive dogs.

Should you integrate an e-collar into your dog training?


Having said that, I recognizing that a lot of folks are going to wonder why they should shell out money for a good e-collar collar, what collar to get, and how the modern $200 e-collars are different from the older cheaper rigs and Invisible Fences.

Good questions!

A quick answer can be found on this post: 10 Quick Notes for the E-Collar Curious.

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