Friday, April 28, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Russian Mass Murder of Reindeer
In Russia, poachers have killed over 20,000 reindeer only to cut out their tongues out and leave miles of rotting carcasses. The reason? The Chinese value reindeer tongue, and so capitalism and free market and open borders has 20,000 more victims.  A special thanks and a tip of the hat to the weird belief systems of the Chinese, which are killing tiger, elephants, and millions of other creatures all over the world (including dogs).

Corporate Mass Murder of Humans
In the 1960s, the sugar industry paid three Harvard scientists $50,000 to say that heart disease was most likely caused by saturated fat. After their report was published in JAMA, diets concentrating on low fat gained the endorsement of many health authorities, and obesity in the U.S. skyrocketed.

Let the Stoning and Beheadings Begin!
Saudi Arabia and Iran are leading members of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women which is “exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.” Saudi Arabia also has the top spot on the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Free Food!
"Falling Fruit is a massive, collaborative map of the urban harvest. By uniting the efforts of foragers, freegans, and foresters everywhere, the map points to over a half million food sources around the world." On first inspection, it mostly looks like it identifies tree and shrubs that could be a food source, such as a sugar maples and spice bushes.

Small Dogs Pee More Often
Small dogs pee more, and male small dogs tend to mark the most. Science confirms!

Malaria Vaccine in the Works
A malaria vaccine could be available as soon as 2018. The vaccine must be administered a total of four times to be effective, once a month for three months then another dose 18 months later. Without the critical fourth dose, the benefits of the vaccine fall short. They are also working on changing the DNA of mosquitoes so they can no longer carry Malaria.

Great Communicators of the 20th Century
British spies used semen as invisible ink during WWI. The method was invented by Captain Sir Mansfield Cumming.

A Fungus Among Us
There is an extremely rare mushroom that is only found in two specific locations: Texas and Japan, 6,800 miles apart. The mushrooms grow on different medium and in different conditions in the two locations.

Go to a Concert
100 percent of Jack Johnson’s touring revenue goes to non-profit groups around the world. Since 2001, he has donated more than $25 million to charity.

They Used to Give Coffee to Babies
That and other good ideas are in the video, below.

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