Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

I'm With the Shrimp, Not the Band
A team of scientists from universities in the UK, the US, and Brazil have named a new species of pistol shrimp after the band, Pink Floyd, because of its bright-pink big claw, and its ability to shoot sound shockwaves at its foes.

Will Tesla Crash?
Tesla has now surpassed the value of General Motors, making it among the most valuable car maker in the US, despite the fact that most people have never even seen a Tesla on the road.  When price to earnings ratios are this far out of whack, worry.

Real Blue Bloods 
Blue horseshoe crab blood sells for up to $14,000 per quart. The blood is used to detect harmful bacteria.

Ban ALL the Dogs?
Eugene, Oregon is starting a 6-month ban on all dogs downtown to see if it makes a difference in dog bites. In other news, Oregon is going to cut down all its trees to reduce forest fires, and kill all its politicians in order to reduce graft.

A Bigger Denominator Makes a Smaller Fraction
There are more slaves in the world right now than ever before in recorded history. How can that be possible? Simple: far more people,  The numerator may be a wee bit bigger, but the denominator is 7 times larger.

Shake and Bake Baby
Scientists aim to grow premature humans in a plastic bag, aka a "Biobag artificial uterus," after successful tests on baby sheep.

For $850 You Can Get the Suit
It's $425 for artificially mud-stained jeans, and another $425 for the jean jacket which will make you look like your head has been up an elephant's ass.  Available at Nordstrom's, of course -- the place where idiots shop.  You can also get ones with paint on them, so you can look like a complete home repair incompetent.

My coffee buddy this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Really?! You don't see Teslas everywhere? Now I have to smack me on the head. We see them SO often, it's like an invasion, and I assumed you do too. If you drive through Winterthur (here it's called a city, don't laugh) at any time during the day you can bet to see at least two Teslas during a fifteen minute drive -that's when you are out the other side. Seems to be a good city-ultra-short-trip-car. You don't see them much outside of the city center though. That's true.

Um. If you ban ALL dogs... I guess this would mean no dog bites then? Rather ban people -> no more murder.