Saturday, April 08, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

A Blood Lab Run by Monkeys?
Two monkeys grooming each other 20-30 million years ago, plucked off a blood-filled tick which oozed out blood that was fossilized in amber in a manner so perfect it "appears to have been prepared for display in a laboratory."  The sample is among the earliest mammal blood ever found, and also led to the discovery of the oldest parasite that still exists today, Babesia microti, which infects the blood cells of humans and other animals. A type of Babesia can infect dogs -- most commonly Pit Bulls.

Brazilian Boa Constrictor Meets Brazilian Porcupine
And what follows is not good.

Great Moments in Law Enforcement
Jerry Kimball of Sioux Falls, South Dakota received a $190 ticket because he failed to put a leash on his pet boa constrictor, Lucy, when he took her to a park.  The charge:  animal "running at large."

Designer Pigs to Grow Human Replacement Organs?
Scientists have already figured out how to use CRISPR technology to eliminate 62 genes from pigs that had previously nixed past efforts to turn pigs into human organ donors. Now the challenge is the next step.

Listen to Alexander Graham Bell
We now can now listen to what he sounded like!

Kentucky Coal Museum Switches to Solar
The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham Kentucky, has switched to solar power.

You're Not on My Diet
Human flesh is not as rich a source of nutrition as you might imagine.

Medicine from Roadkill?
Scientists in a hunt for new antibiotics and medicines are now looking at roadkill. Specifically, they have found two bacteria in the ear of roadkill possum that work to inhibit yeast infection.

‘Young Poo’ for a New You?
When old fish consumed microbes from the poo of younger fish, they lived longer. This might suggest a way to slow aging in humans since, as as we age, we tend to lose the diversity of microbiomes in our gut, with once-rare and pathogenic species rising to dominance in older individuals.

Tesla is Now Worth More than Ford?
The electric car company Tesla now has a market capitalization of $48 billion — higher than traditional car maker Ford's $45 billion valuation.

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