Monday, April 03, 2017

AKC Pet Insurance Just Like the AKC

AKC dogs are less healthy than random-bred dogs found at the pound or on PetFinder, and as a consequence AKC registrations have fallen about 75 percent over the course of the last 30 years. Who wants to pay way too much money for a deformed, dysfunctional, and diseased dog? Not many!

With finances heading south, the AKC has sought other sources of cash, including increased outreach efforts (and discounts!) to puppy mill breeders, dog toy-branding, call-center dog training (no, I am not making that up), veterinary referral, and pet insurance.

As you can see, the AKC's pet insurance company does not even know enough about dogs not to have their leg pulled, The New Guinea Highland Wild Dog is as common as ditch water in New Guinea, and there are 15 pairs in U.S. zoos.  Extinct?  I will take the bet that they far outlive the AKC!

And the insurance? Well, you will love this line:

Congenital anomalies or disorders and Hereditary disorders are covered only under our Inherited Plus endorsement which is available for enrollment for dogs two years old and younger.

And the AKC? They take a percentage of every policy sold in exchange for their seal of approval. So, not only are they pushing a defective product, they are getting a percentage of the cost for insuring it!

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Donald McCaig said...

Dear Patrick,
Outstanding small print in the policy. If your dog is hit by a car, the insurance kicks in after three days. And it has to be sick for two weeks before they pay a dime.

Donald McCaig