Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Sociopathic Monster That Is PETA

The deeply twisted sociopathic and narcissistic direct mail mill known as PETA is being taken to court in the case of Maya, the Virginia dog that was stolen from the porch of its owner so that PETA kill squads could make their goal of killing as many dogs and cats as possible.

An affidavit and supporting evidence filed on behalf of a former PETA employee contains the following explanations and quotes (from Nathan Winograd's blog):

  • PETA hired people whose “primary responsibilities included gaining possession of as many cats and dogs as possible, almost all of which were euthanized.”
  • “The main purpose of the Community Animal Project was to persuade people to surrender their animals, so that PETA could then euthanize the animals.”
  • On getting hired by PETA, “a type of indoctrination took place” about the need to kill and “that the best thing to do was to kill them ‘humanely.’”
  • “I was ordered to do whatever I had to do to get custody of the animals and I was instructed to do and say anything I could to induce people to give me possession of their dogs and cats.” “This included our telling people that PETA would find a good home for their dog and cat when we knew that PETA had no intention of trying to find the animals homes but would instead euthanize them almost immediately.”
  • “If someone had feral cats on their property, we were told to tell them that we would take them to a feral colony, but 100% of the feral cats were euthanized using a method that was very frowned upon by other shelters… because it could cause suffering, but it was the one Ingrid [Newkirk] insisted upon using.”
  • “If we saw animals loose, even on someone’s property, we were to take them whenever we could. PETA would not hold them for five days [as the law required]. We would not obtain signed releases if an animal was stolen, but would euthanize the animals immediately.”
  • “We would routinely euthanize healthy puppies and kittens and other highly adoptable animals.”

Back in 2009, I called PETA's sheltering operation a slaughter house and noted that it was operating illegally as a shelter in the state of Virginia. In recent years, others have taken up the point and are pushing for the PETA facility to be closed.

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