Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump is Burning

How fast has it come undone??  Obama is still on VACATION.

This so-called "President," who did not win the popular vote, and who Time magazine has painted as a Pinocchio easily manipulated by Steve Bannon, is being openly mocked by world leaders even as the leadership of his own party is curling away in abject terror.

Millions of people have already taken to the streets in protest, and Congressional phone lines are ringing off the hook to the point that the phones are being unplugged.

Members of Congress from both parties are terrified to hold meetings in their districts -- Republicans because they cannot defended the indefensible, and Democrats because they have not yet physically set the White House on fire.

Trump's immediate staff is worried they will lose their jobs within the month, while Trump's National Security Advisor has been fired, and three close associates are under investigation for possible treason.

At least 20 national security agencies are investigating the Trump Administration for bribery, conflicts, and manipulation by foreign agents and banks, while the CIA and FBI say they are finding everything that they can check in the infamous "British Dossier" is coming up true,  Rumors swirl that the Russians have both video and audio tape of Trump with prostitutes, and that this tape is from multiple locations on multiple dates. The specificity of this charge, and the fact that is comes from MI-5, is frightening.

The burn rate and trajectory here is like nothing we have ever seen.  It is unsustainable, and rather than slow down, the vortex of dysfunction seems to be speeding up, with Trump's poll numbers in free fall, and the actionable lies stacking up like cord wood.

The core problem is Trump himself.  He is a sociopath and a malignant narcissist who has surrounded himself with people so eager to have their 15-seconds of fame, that they are willing to sell America to the Russians, poison our rivers, and see thousands of American go bankrupt and die from lack of health care.

America will not put up with it. We will have our nation back, and it will be sooner rather than later.


Jacinta Denton said...

I hope this monstrosity will go off the rails before the country does.

geonni banner said...

Brilliant. They had a cure for mad dogs where I grew up...