Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mother Nature, Father Time and Good Government

  • In 1900, less than half a million white-tailed deer remained in the nation. Today, conservation programs have returned the whitetail population to some 32 million.
  • In 1901, few ducks remained. Today, there are more than 46 million ducks populating the United States and Canada. 
  • In 1907, only about 41,000 elk could be counted in the United States. Today, populations in 23 states total approximately 1 million. 
  • By the early 1900’s, encroaching civilization and habitat loss may have reduced the wild turkey population to under 100,000. Today, conservation programs have restored the population to more than 7 million birds. 
  • About 50 years ago, the total U.S. population of pronghorn was only about 12,000. Today, conservation programs have helped increase the population to more than one million.

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