Sunday, January 08, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Most Inbred Dogs?
The three most inbred pure breeds are the Lundehund, Bull Terrier, Baseni, and Minature Bull Terrier. I have written about these breeds here, here, here. and here.

Least Inbred Dogs?
The three least inbred pure breeds are the Sloughi, the Chihuahua, Spanish Water Dog, and Jack Russell Terrier. Only the Sloughi is less than 6%, and the Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff, and Spanish Water Dog are less than 12%. There are perhaps 20 breeds with inbreeding of less than 25%, and the rest are 25% or more.

Bad Breeding Meets Bad Training on the Set of Sherlock
The bloodhound didn't like pavements or concrete or people or busy streets or open spaces. It would not move, and had to be dragged down the street.

Search and Rescue Wolverines?
An unlikely, and quite frankly insane solution to the rare problem of locating avalanche victims.

Death at the Beach
Shorebird populations have shrunk by 70% across North America since 1973.

The Beginning of the End of Rampant Slaughter?
China is going to ban domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017. The African elephant population fell from over 4.5 million in 1900, to less than 450,000 today.

The Big Money in Boxing?
Michael Buffer, the boxing announcer who came up with thecatchphrase “let’s get ready to rumble,” trademarked the phrase, and has made more than $400 million by licensing it.

Building Self-Esteem in Children
Stalin’s first son shot himself because of Stalin’s harshness toward him, but survived. After this, Stalin told folks:  “He can’t even shoot straight.”

Word Origin
The term “nerd” originated from Dr. Seuss’ 1950s book, “If I Ran a Zoo.”

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