Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Killing for Admissions at the Zoo
Zoos cull everything from wallabies to tigers. Why? because zoos know that baby animal draw admissions, but adults don't. So, it's a birth and kill cycle in zoos around the world.

Bald Is Better than Beautiful
Men with less hair appear more intelligent, educated, and honest.

Geppetto Never Moved His Lips When Pinocchio Spoke
Donald Trump has criticized Republicans, Democrats, the Pope, U.S. elections, the CIA, the FBI, NATO, and Meryl Streep. Who hasn't he criticized? Vladimir Putin.  Here's why.

The Disabled Reporter Has a Name
The "disabled reporter" is Serge Kovaleski, and he's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Use his name. Read his work. Celebrate a hard-working, self-effacing truth teller. Start with his wiki bio.

Do It Yourself HIV Prevention
It should start with testing and fidelity (powerful tools too rarely mentioned), and condoms too, of course. But word out of London is that they have seen a massive drop in HIV rates due to internet drugs.

"Normal America" Is Not What?
‘Normal America’ is not a small economically-dying town full of white people.

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Viatecio said...

RE Trump and Russia: You can't tell me people couldn't see something was up when he said nothing about, or downplayed, the involvement of the Russians in the election. The support of Putin in the second debate also makes sense now.

I am scared for my country.