Tuesday, January 31, 2017

America's Most Dangerous Terrorist

Donald Trump now is America's most dangerous terrorist.

Literally millions of American citizens and legal residents are now terrified that, with a stroke of a pen, they may lose their ability to visit their families, live in the U.S., or re-enter if they leave.

Let us be clear that American cannot take all of the world's displeased and dispossessed.

We have to have order at the border.

Yes, we have every right to self-determine who and how many people come to the U.S., and how we enforce our immigration laws.

But no single individual has the right to unilaterally answer those three questions without Congressional debate and approval.

America is a nation of laws, and not men, and we do not salute emperors or kings, we shoot at them, as King George III found out.

There is a place to rise up and take to the streets, and I am proud so many Americans are doing so.

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