Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Next Thing in Urban Wheels?

The new EcoReco Model R has 8-inch wheels with pneumatic (air) tires, with configurable riding modes, ranging from 'eco' to 'extended' to 'BOOST', with a potential range of up to 40 miles per charge, and has lights (front, rear, under-the-deck, and turn signals on the handlebars), geolocation tracking, and several other "smart sensor" safety tech features. See more at the web site.

The Model R folds and unfolds in a single motion, allowing it to easily be carried by hand or stowed while not in use, and it weights just 26 pounds. The scooter has a universal smartphone mount which allows riders to keep their device easily accessible, and a USB port on the handlebars allows for phone charging.  There is a physical locking hole as well as a smart electronic locking feature, and a partnership with Tile facilitates an integrated tracking feature for locating a stolen or misplaced scooter.

EcoReco touts the model R as having a 2000 MPGe rating, and says the scooter can go more than 500 miles on about one dollar's worth of electricity.

EcoReco is running an Indiegogo campaign to launch the Model R, which has already blown way past its initial $50,000 goal. Backers can reserve one of the first run of scooters for pledges as low as $725, with the first units expected to ship beginning in April of 2017.

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