Friday, December 16, 2016

Kitty on the Porch

A home security camera captured a mountain lion killing a deer on a man's front yard on Dec. 14. This video shows the mountain lion dragging it's prey off the porch, located about 18 miles from San Francisco. The couple who own the house where this was filmed by a security camera, surmise that the deer had been munching on their potted roses as the the deer are, apparently, quite brazen.


D Cooper said...

Was in Hillsborough, about 20mins south of San Francisco.

PBurns said...

Thanks! Edited the text a bit to reflect distance.

Mary Strachan Scriver said...

My friend who lives in the Appalachians said that during and after the recent fires , they realized that the displaced animals needed water so they put a child's wading pool in the yard. Along with bears, which they knew about, they were visited by mountain lions, which they had never seen before. Deer are the new rabbits -- everywhere.

Prairie Mary