Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

The War on Ground Squirrels
In 1918, they organized school kids to kill ground squirrels in California. The squirrels won, but only after suffering 100,000 casualties.

Falcon and Hawk Lair
New York City has the highest density of nesting Peregrine Falcons anywhere on the planet, and the Red-tail hawk population is doing pretty fine as well.

Really Green Land
Greenland was once ice-free for 280,000 years.

Boiling River
There's a river in the Peruvian Amazon that has a temperature of up to 200 degrees.

Night Parrots
A new population of endangered Night Parrots has been discovered in Australia. The bird was once thought to be extinct.

No Direction Home
Britain's 140,00 miles of country paths are disappearing from lack of use, poor maintenance, bad signage, and new fences.poor .

Over 8 Million
This blog has had over 8 million viewers.

Now They Tell Us
Eating fatty foods such as steak, cheese and butter can make you healthier and slimmer, study reveals.

That's Bananas
There's more genetic diversity in 55 African chimpanzees than there are in seven billion humans.

That's Some Markup!
Hospitals are charging $800 for a $1 bag of IV salt water.


Jennifer said...

The $800 for $1 of saline solution is no worse than $80,000 for treatment for Hep C, or $10 for the tiny amount of Ivermectin in a monthly heartworm tablet, or $20+ for a dollop of spinosad. It's a worry that medical/veterinary establishment is allowed to charge what the market will bear . . . in circumstances where market form prevents competition.

PBurns said...

A game of "your money or your life."

Or, if your prefer, "Let's make a deal" with the devil himself.