Friday, December 09, 2016

Buy the STUFF First, Not the Dog

Christmas Surprise, 1955

Dogs are very bad Christmas gifts -- it a time of too much chaos, too many ornaments to eat, too much impulse buying, too many relatives, and not enough planning.

And remember, you are you are not getting a puppy -- you are getting a DOG, and a lifetime obligation that will never stop needing time, attention, and money.

Instead of buying a puppy to put under the tree, go to a pet store and buy all the stuff you will need for the dog: 2-3 leashes, an expanding collar, a set of engraved slide tags, at least two crates, dog food, brushes, dog chews, shampoo, a dog bed, a book or two on dog training, a training cot, and a big lump of money for fencing, dog doors, vaccines, and checkups.

Then, after Christmas, start going through Pet Finder to find the perfect "rescue" dog.

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