Saturday, November 12, 2016

Signs of Beaver

Beaver are back on the farm that has the creek running through it. What's amazing is that here in the U.S., we once wiped out all beaver west of the Mississippi River. After restocking them with Canadian imports in the 1930s, there are now so many beaver on the East Coast, it's illegal to trap and move them, as they will simply flood areas we do not want flooded. Beaver abatement now requires that they be trapped and killed; you cannot move them. I am told the last ones on this farm were pushing almost 80 pounds.

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Jacinta Denton said...

In my humble opinion, the beaver have destroyed the Ruby Mountain area in Nevada. Where there were swift moving, clear streams, which we all drank from, are now dank slimy mosquito breeding swamps The "off-road" trails, we rode for years, are impassable due to beaver ponds. Not a favorite animal of mine.