Friday, November 04, 2016

It's Not a Phone Box, It's a TARDIS

This is my TARDIS, carefully disguised as a phone box.

The trick to time travel is to not tip your hand, but occasionally I mess up as I did back in late January of  2009 when I wrote a post entitled Cass Sunstein Is OK with Me.

It's a long post, but at the end I sloppily conclude:

And so PR-firm created astroturf organizations like the Center for Consumer Freedom are able to drum up imaginary problems and then fix them for their corporate clients. It's a lot like Filipino Psychic Surgery in which you "cure" patients of cancers they never really had.

Welcome to Washington. Welcome to my world.

Will things ever change? Oh sure. Right after the Chicago Cubs win the World series, which will happen right after Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize. This way to the Egress!

I had hoped this slip up
would go unobserved, but it was not to be so. Jon Graham noticed it first, and then Gina Spadadori, and then Karen Jones.

All I will say on the matter is that, as a matter of ethics, I do not bet on sports games, and I try to let free will reign, knowing full well the danger inherent to that bargain.

That said, be sure to get everyone you know to the polls on Tuesday. The future of all life on earth swings on your actions that day. 

I will say no more; a word to the wise is sufficient.


Peter Apps said...

A small point of fact; Dr Who's Tardis was/is (and will be) a London police box, not a telephone box.

But you knew I was going to say that didn't you.


PBurns said...

The TV show is fiction: It was never a police box, there is only one doctor and he's not a doctor, and I wear an entirely different kind of scarf. The Dalek is made up. The hype machine ruins everything, and it only gets worse after they put hologram circuses on every corner. You'll see.

Giz Rhoads said...

Well played, Terrierman, well played.

PBurns said...

People are always a disappointment. It is the sad part of being a Time Lord.