Saturday, October 15, 2016

Two Realities in Opposition

If you think things have never been worse
, you need to watch this video.

And if you wonder why so many people are voting for the bleeding hemorrhoid of a man called Donald Trump, I suggest reading this.


Noel said...

That Cracked article is probably the best thing I've read on the web in five years. Nailed it.


It'd be nice to hear who you'd prefer to see as the president rather than Trump. You've dumped on him, now lets hear what is good alternatively.

Are there any candidates with integrity, intelligence and charisma?

Personally I'd love to see an American president who could speak about international Politics/History with-out a teleprompter.

Giz Rhoads said...

Thank you! A very timely reminder to be grateful, for everything we flawed humans have accomplished. Good for my weary heart.