Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

Crooked Pet Insurance
Petsecure, a pet insurance company in Canada, has a clause in their "pet insurance" policy denying coverage if a dog is injured while "jumping, running, slipping, tripping or playing."

A Merger of Field & Stream
Bass Pro Shops, which is mostly owned by Johnny Morris who started the company 45 years ago in his father’s liquor store near Springfield, Missouri, plans to purchase Cabela’s for $4.5 billion.

Electricity from God and Science
In the U.K. over the last six months, solar panels just surpassed coal-fired plants in generating electricity -- a previously ‘unthinkable’ feat.

Bike Lanes as Health Care Investment
A "QALY" is a “quality-adjusted life year”, or “the equivalent of on additional year of life at full health.” A new study on The cost-effectiveness of bike lanes in New York City, has determined that New York City’s bike lanes deliver a QALY for just $1,300. While that’s much more expensive than vaccines (at just $100 per QALY) it's a  lot less than direct health treatments like dialysis, at $129,000 per QALY.

Garbage Island
The 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' now spans 3.5 million square kilometers. The garbage patch consists of mainly plastic waste, including big ones and broken down micro-plastics that can be consumed by marine animals. A company called Ocean Cleanups plans is to use a massive V-shaped boom to scoop up plastic and recycle it into fuel to drive the boom. A prototype is expected to be tested in 2017 and full deployment is set for 2020.

Cloned Mammals are As Healthy as Non-Clones
The first rigorous study of aging cloned animals reveals they are perfectly normal as far as health is concerned.

An Increase in US Meat Consumption
According to a recent Rabobank’s analysis, American meat consumption increased by 5 percent in 2015 – the biggest increase in 40 years.

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