Saturday, September 17, 2016

There Is No Wall

So many Republicans hate America as it is. So many reactionaries revere a facile authoritarianism. These are people terrified that white male voters don't decide everything. These are the same folks who didn't want women to vote, and who embraced poll taxes and Jim Crow laws. They have worked hard to preserve discrimination and overt hate against gays and Muslims, Mormons and Jews, Native Americans and women.

It is a great disappointment to me to see people embrace fascism and to wink at race-baiting hate mongers. So many of these people profess to be Christians, but Christ did not speak English, was not an American, was not a Christian, was not white, and preached a gospel of love. Christ did not celebrate violence, explicitly said to pay your taxes, and never said a word about gays.

If you embrace hate and gun violence, discrimination and bigotry, xenophobia and fear, that's on you. Don't wrap yourselves in the Gospels or the Constitution. Don't tell me you are a patriot and a believer in small government when you believe there should be laws to enforce public displays of patriotism. That's what authoritarian governments do, from North Korea to Russia.

We are Americans. Free and diverse, tough without a gun, and of many faiths and cultures, recipes, and traditions. All people are equal and all citizens have a right to vote. We believe men have equal status with women and love is love. We believe everyone should pay their taxes, because that is the cover charge to keep this great place going. If you don't like that, you are free to leave; there is no wall keeping you in.


arturganate said...

Marginal note: On the left you see the german chancellor Willi Brandt. He cried, as the wall was teared down, finally.

Giz Rhoads said...

So well stated, thank you.