Monday, September 19, 2016

Outlaw Dogs Behind Bars

When bar dogs are outlawed, only outlaws will have bar dogs.

From The New York Times:
[T]here is still a place in this city where a permanent fur coat is no obstacle to entry: the speakeasy underworld of the dog bar...

They run from quiet watering holes where dogs are welcome as long as they are discreet, to a few rowdier establishments where the dogs do everything but play poker.

At one of those brazen places, a canine circus was in full effect that same Thursday night. A burly pit bull and a big tan mutt wrestled on the floor as the music blared. A dachshund named Leroy stood in his owner’s lap with his front paws up on the bar, barking loudly. “He wants another drink,” his owner said. When Leroy went to the back yard for a bathroom break, a schnauzery-looking dame named Mia took his place on the bar stool.

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DogTraining101 said...

A dog drinks beer...!