Monday, September 19, 2016

"Discover Animals" Is About Covering Over Abuse

"Discover Animals" is the latest bit of web site fakery and disinformation coming out of the front group called the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA).

The NAIA is a front group for those who capture, kill, breed, and exploit animals for profit.

Board members include those who exploit animals in circuses and rodeos, those who breed, poison, and kill beagles, monkeys, and other animals for laboratory experiments, and people who serve as apologists for the race horse industry where animals are overbred, and routinely abandoned, and where leg-shattering injuries are as common as rain.

But will you learn about that on "Discover Animals"?  Don't count on it.  This is a web site designed for low-information gullibles.  It's chief reason-for-being is to paper over the holes in the for-profit world of animals.

Instead of pictures of lions and tigers shoved into small circus cages or penned in parking lots, you may soon see pictures that show them in nature -- the exact opposite of what the circus actually provides.

Instead of old race track horses in the kill pens, and monkeys and beagles shoved into metal laboratory boxes, you may soon see pictures of monkeys in the rain forest and puppies rolling on fresh cut grass -- the opposite of the puppy mill economics these folks actually advocate.

I say "may see" because right now the site is incredibly devoid of content.  Their biggest chunk of information is nothing more than a laundry list of pared-down AKC breed descriptions which carefully leave off all health and cost concerns.

That's hardly surprising as this Potemkin Village of a web site appears to be mostly funded by folks from the rapidly failing AKC.

To review:  the American Kennel Club requires that the dogs they register be bred under rules that they KNOW guarantee a rise in disease, defect, and dysfunction.

And what about the dogs that are so deformed that they cannot mate or whelp on their own? Not a problem! On the board of the NAIA are experts on artificial insemination, and vets whose trade association members make big bucks ripping dogs in half in order to do cesarean sections.

Defective dogs as business plan!  Hump and dump breeding as a vocation! Lions and tigers being ripped from one small cage to another and carted from asphalt parking lot of train and back? Perfectly natural!

The strap line on the web site says: "Working Together to Save Our Animals," but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are more dogs in the U.S. than ever before, and fewer AKC registrations because no one wants the defective, diseased, deformed, and dysfunctional product that the AKC has to offer.

Get a lesson on healthy dogs from English Bulldog man Julian Prager, who sits on the board of the NAIA? It is to laugh! Get a lesson on sensible and sane breeding from Patti Strand who spent decades derailing outcross Dalmations? You must be joking.

If you want to "save animals"
(whatever that means), then go down to the local pound to get your pet dog or cat, stop paying money to see animal spectacles at circuses and rodeos, and start giving money and voice to those who are working to preserve habitat and encourage human family planning.

But suit up with lobbyists for the abuse industry at the "National Animal Interest Alliance," and their web-based front group? Please!

"Discover Animals" really should be called Discover Abuse.  That's what these folks are trying to get you to NOT think about.

Stop thinking about animal abuse!  Stop it!

Stop thinking about the horses with broken legs at the race track.  Stop it.

Stop thinking about the deformed dogs that need a rape rack to mate.  Stop it.

Stop thinking about the laboratory beagles that never see grass.  Stop it.

Stop thinking about the elephants, tigers, horses, bears, and zebras that are jerked down one railroad track after another.  Stop it.

Stop thinking about intentional breeding of dogs for defect and deformity. Stop it.

Stop thinking about the fact that the AKC is dependent on puppy mill dollars. Stop it.


Amy Nexus said...

Once again, thank you for alerting us to these tactics. I am passing on the fact that their website is a front for disinformation.

Every single time an anti-puppy mill bill comes up, I write my congress critter. We're making headway in many places across the country...and you're right, the amount of AKC registrations is plummeting. That is all thanks to a much more educated public.

Keep up the pressure, please!

Michael said...

The so-called NAIA (in whose interests?) is an unholy alliance of industrial farming interests, rodeos, circuses, AKC legislative liaisons, etc.